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WiFi Thermostat Installation in Fort Myers

Southwest Florida’s Choice For WiFi Thermostats

Chill Squad Air Conditioning provides the latest in technology when it comes to Wi-Fi Thermostats.  Whether it is in your home or your office or even a large commercial establishment, Chill Squad has the solution for you.  With Wi-Fi thermostats, you can take complete control of your indoor climate remotely.  If you own a commercial building or church, you can change the temperature even after you leave or before you get there.  Not only does this provide a way to reduce costs, but the convenience factor alone is also worth the investment for both residential and commercial applications alike.

Wi-Fi thermostats can reduce energy costs in many ways.  They monitor energy usage, therefore they can detect a drop in the efficiency of your AC unit.  This information allows you to make a setting change and you can even do that remotely wherever you are!

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