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Air Conditioning Surge Protector Florida rainy season is here. Don’t leave your AC unprotected.

Air conditioner surge protectors ensure that your air conditioner won’t be destroyed if there is a surge in your home’s electrical system. Previously, air conditioner surge protectors were usually only installed on commercial air conditioners, as these are quite expensive and worth protecting.

Do I really need a surge protector for my air conditioner? Yes. Surge protectors definitely help insulate your air conditioning system from unexpected electrical fluctuations and help keep your system’s electrical components from failing or wearing out too soon.

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$199 Protects your air conditioner

It’s true that large power surges aren’t very common, but smaller power surges happen regularly. They are frequently caused by large appliances turning on and off. The average home experiences these surges on a regular basis. They slowly cause damage to your appliances, including your air conditioner, over time. You may need to replace appliances early die to damage from power surges.

Power surges are momentary and may not seem to cause any damage from the outside, so you likely won’t notice them. If you’ve ever had an appliance or computer stop turning on out of nowhere, power surges may have been the cause. It’s wise to protect your appliances from power surges.

What Could Cause a Power Surge in Your Home?

Appliances turning on and off aren’t the only cause of power surges. In fact, there are several things that can cause major power surges, including:

   Nearby lighting strikes

   Downed power lines

   Faulty wiring

   Improper installation of an electrical appliance

   Turning off your home’s power

   Normal maintenance from the utility company


Air Conditioning Surge Protector