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Ductless Mini-Split Systems  in Fort Myers

Save on Electric Bills With Ductless Mini-Splits

Here at Chill Squad, in Fort Myers, we offer duct-less air conditioning. Duct-less air-conditioning is an innovative way to cool or heat a zone in your home. The air conditioning system is less invasive in your home, making it easy for installation. Installation of a duct-less system can provide pure, cold, or hot air and save you money!  

Duct-less systems are incredibly compatible with placement anywhere. You can have these installed in walls, ceilings, or an outdoor unit. These provide excellent accessibility for all cooling and heating needs. This air conditioner covers a specified zone and does an exceptional job of keeping the site at desired temperatures while saving money. 

How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work?

At the initial time of installation, it may not seem cost-cutting. Duct-less air conditioning consumes significantly less electricity. The system’s design transfers heat instead of making it, which is a much more eco-friendly approach. The energy-saving way of producing cold air is by the ductless air conditioner using compressors and fans to create cool and crisp air. Therefore, being much more energy-efficient and eco-friendly for all homes and in any location. 

Professional Mini-Split Air Conditioning Installation Service

Chill squad in Fort Myers is here to make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed. Duct-less air conditioners do not carry contaminants, as in comparison to a regular air conditioning system. The system does not have ducts for pollutants and allergens to build up in the vents or ducts. If for any reason, you find our work not up to par with the quality of your air conditioner, we will happily take care of any concerns with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Ductless Mini-Split
Ductless Mini-Split

Professional & Clean Mini-Split AC Installation Service

Installation is clean to keep your home the condition before we started. You will never know we were there! We are prepared with supplies such as shoe covers, drop cloths, and other supplies that keep your home tidy. After installation, we will ensure that you completely understand how to use the system and be satisfied with our work. 

Ductless Mini-Split

Maintenance of your Mini-Split AC System will extend it’s life and efficience


Monthly or yearly, Chill Squad offers a maintenance service to keep your system running correctly. The service can help you avoid any issues. Defects will rarely happen with upkeep on the product. Keeping the system up-to-date with tune-ups and fixing any issues immediately will prolong the life of your air conditioner. These fixes will also save you money and keep it running while maintaining its energy efficiency. 

Chill Squad is eager to help with all questions about the duct-less air conditioner and provide premier service for each customer. This innovative and eco-friendly duct-less air conditioner is easy to be installed and ready for your homes. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all services offered.