Make your system last longer

Air Conditioning Hard Start Kit hard start kit

■  Extends Compressor Lifetime

■  Assists With Low Voltage Problems

■  Provides Better Energy Efficiency

■  Avoid Compressor Replacement

What is a hard start kit?

A hard starter kit is an energy-storing capacitor that helps your AC start when it’s struggling to turn on. Like their name suggests, hard start kits help solve a problem called hard starting, which is when an AC struggles to turn on and then shuts off abruptly after a short while.

“Hard starting” is a condition that can affect air conditioners (as well as other mechanical devices, such as cars) where the motors and the compressor responsible for operating the system have trouble coming on and staying on.

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make your system last longer…than it should

A hard start kit helps your AC compressor start up to 10 times faster and more efficiently. It helps overcome the mechanical inertia upon startup.

The first couple of seconds for any electrical motor/compressor is when the most strain electrically is placed upon it. Amperage spikes momentarily on startup then drops to normal operating levels.

It is this amperage spike that tends to create problems. The excess amperage equals excess heat that can be damaging to your electrical system in your air conditioning system.

A hard start kit provides greater starting torque and reduces the duration of inrush current to the single phase compressor.

Did you know it takes 4 to 8 times more electrical current to start your central AC unit than is required to run it?

The excess heat generated during startup is damaging to your central air conditioning system compressor.

A hard start kit can benefit you if:

  You want to extend the life of the system

  Your air conditioning system is aging

  You have a home generator

  Low voltage or inconsistent voltage

  Lights dim when AC unit starts

  Compressor won’t start/Humming

  AC system has a TXV metering device

  Multiple AC systems running at once

  Air condition trips breaker on startup

  Long refrigerant line sets

Air Conditioning Hard Start Kit