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A leak in your duct system can result in causing your HVAC to work 50% harder. Leaky ductwork results in an unwanted higher utility bill.

Not only will leaky ducts increase your energy bill, but it may also cause mold to grow. Mold in your HVAC can result in potential health problems for you and your family.

How Often Should Ductwork Be Checked?

Ductwork should be inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor once a year for leaks. The exchange between supply and return ducts, and the air movement through your HVAC system is complicated. Sometimes homeowners intend to tackle ductwork repair jobs themselves and may unintentionally create other issues in the process.

With Chill Squad, you’ll have experience on your side. We possess the knowledge and have the experience to spot potential problems before they may occur. We offer duct sealing, duct repair, and insulation to optimize your HVAC performance. 



Your HVAC makes up for around half of your energy bill, and around 30% of that gets wasted due because of flaws or improper installation of ductwork. For this reason, proper design and installation is vital.

Chill Squad Air Conditioning provides ductwork installation and repair in Fort Myers and throughout all of Southwest Florida.

Our unparalleled integrity and workmanship provide our clients with peace in knowing their projects get completed smoothly and to the highest of standards. We ensure all ducts are sealed, insulated, and installed perfectly.





Over time, the build-up of dust, allergens, pet dander, and even mold in your Southwest Florida air conditioning ductwork may occur. With proper care from a certified HVAC professional, duct cleaning is beneficial to the overall performance of your HVAC equipment as well as beneficial to you and your family’s health.

Improper duct cleaning may result in damage to your system. As advised by the National Air Duct Association, improper and aggressive cleaning of air ducts may result in damage to fiberglass lined metal ductwork, flex duct, and fiberglass duct board.

For this reason, always rely on an experienced and licensed professional. For professional air duct cleaning, Chill Squad has you covered!