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AC Duct Cleaning, Sanitizing & Repair

Ductwork should be inspected by a licensed HVAC contractor once a year for leaks. The exchange between supply and return ducts, and the air movement through your HVAC system is complicated. Sometimes homeowners intend to tackle ductwork repair jobs themselves and may unintentionally create other issues in the process.

With Chill Squad, you’ll have experience on your side. We possess the knowledge and have the experience to spot potential problems before they may occur. We offer duct sealing, duct repair, and insulation to optimize your HVAC performance. 

A leak in your duct system can result in causing your HVAC to work 50% harder. Leaky ductwork results in an unwanted higher utility bill.

Not only will leaky ducts increase your energy bill, but it may also cause mold to grow. Mold in your HVAC can result in potential health problems for you and your family.

Chill Squad Keeps your Ductwork Cool & Clean

Chill Squad uses State of the Art, Top of the Line equipment.  The Brush Beast System is one of the most sophisticated duct cleaning systems available today.  Combining that with our AC Duct Sanitization Service your system will not only be more efficient, but you’ll be free of many lurking allergens, dust mites and mold breading grounds.

Clean air is just as important as cold air when it comes to over health of your family as well as your system.  Chill Squad takes care of it all with their end-to-end cleaning and sanitizing solution.



Over time, the build-up of dust, allergens, pet dander, and even mold in your Southwest Florida air conditioning ductwork may occur. This is dangerous for the home and the safety of people inside. This can cause allergies to flare up or possibly make residents sick. With proper care from a certified HVAC professional, duct cleaning is beneficial to your HVAC equipment’s overall performance and beneficial to you and your family’s health.
Improper duct cleaning may result in damage to your system. As advised by the National Air Duct Association, improper and aggressive cleaning of air ducts may damage fiberglass lined metal ductwork, flex duct, and fiberglass duct board.
Chill Squad now has a much more efficient and effective way of cleaning. BrushBeast is the new and most innovative way of cleaning ducts. The new technology allows the vent to be cleaned further and better remove any pollutants or dirt. The design of the long, narrow, and flexible hose helps maximum reach for removal of dirt and any debris. The brushes are soft to protect from any damage to the vents or fiberglass. This is the most innovative and effective way to clean inside the ducts.
The results from the new cleaning technology have been incredible and continue to produce the best clean vent results. It free’s the ducts of all contaminants and creates fresh and pure air. Our team is eager to be of assistance in cleaning your air vents and creating a healthier airflow for your home air conditioning system.

For this reason, always rely on an experienced and licensed professional. For professional
air duct cleaning, Chill Squad has you covered!



It is essential to keep air ducts sanitized, clean, and disinfected often. The three are all very similar but have a slightly distinct difference to maintain your air ducts’ cleanliness. When air ducts are cleaned, most stuff removed from the vents is dirt, mold, and growing bacteria. When the ducts are sanitized, bacteria are removed and create prevention for more bacteria growth or mold to form again. Disinfecting the air ducts removes irritants that can rest inside the air ducts. This is beneficial for reducing viruses, and helping promote health for people with underlying conditions such as asthma irritated by impurities in the air. The cleaners we use kill almost all of the bacteria that can build up inside your air ducts.

All three of the cleaning steps above can be done on standard air ducts and ductless air systems. The method used is an aerosol spray through the entire system, ensuring each part is coated with the cleaner. The sanitization cleaners we use, are commonly used in hospitals and healthcare centers. It is a safe, fragrance-free, low toxin cleaner making it safe for home-usage.

Sanitation is not always necessary to be used after every cleaning. The most common sanitation cases to take place is for people who have health issues, pets that shed, or a foul odor to your air that could indicate mold or a leak. Once your ducts are sanitized, this should last for about six months of effectiveness. Unless someone in your household becomes ill with an airborne virus, you suspect mold or a leak in your home; the treatment will remain effective for the full six months.

Here at Chill Squad, our experienced techs are fully educated on cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting air ducts. It is important to know the techs doing the procedure are knowledgeable. If someone inexperienced is to try to do this to your home, it can cause skin irritation, acute-oral, and acute- dermal issues. At Chill Squad, we can guarantee that each technician is well skilled in taking care of your home’s air ducts. It is safer to be sure what you cannot see in the air vents is clean to keep you and your household healthy! We are eager to help in every way Chill Squad can!