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According to research, indoor air quality can be nearly one hundred times more contaminated than the air outdoors. This is the same air you, your children, your friends, and even your pets are breathing daily. Protect your family by keeping up with your A/C system maintenance.

Whether your A/C system needs a tune-up or a full repair, Chill Squad is here to help! Contact us today for your limited time only full A/C inspection.

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A/C Maintenance Cleaning

HVAC Maintenance  Clean the outdoor condenser coils and indoor evaporator units.

HVAC Maintenance  Check the refrigerant level.

HVAC Maintenance  Inspect the drain pans and condensate drains.

HVAC Maintenance  Check outdoor fan motor and blades and indoor blower assembly.

HVAC Maintenance  Check compressor and refrigerant tubing.

HVAC Maintenance  Lubricate moving parts (as applicable).

HVAC Maintenance  Inspect all electrical controls, wiring, and connections.

HVAC Maintenance  Inspect and clean or replace air filters.

HVAC Maintenance  Run a general system test.

HVAC Maintenance  Check ductwork for leaks and other problems.

HVAC Maintenance