Better Energy Efficiency in Fort Myers

4 DIY Solutions for Better Energy Efficiency

Better energy efficiency is a common goal for all homeowners! No matter what part of the country you live in, or what type of temperatures you face, this is always important. Whether you have an old or a new HVAC system, it can sometimes be a battle to lower the energy costs of your home. Let’s review 4 different solutions to common energy efficiency issues.

For many, poor energy efficiency can be due to leaks within the home’s envelope. A home envelope separates the conditioned and unconditioned parts of the house. The envelope of a home includes the outer walls, windows, and doors. It also includes sliding glass doors, and any other openings of the home’s structure. When these areas of the house are not sealed, air leaks in and out. As a result, this can cause higher utility bills.

The first thing to check when looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency is your HVAC. We offer a $24.99 whole house AC check-up to our clients. Proper maintenance of your HVAC will always keep your system to work efficiently. This also allows a professional HVAC technician to detect any issues that you may be unaware of. Once you’ve confirmed that your HVAC is in tip-top shape, it’s now time to investigate other areas of your home. Here are four things to consider as do-it-yourself solutions to better energy efficiency:

1. Identify Your Air Leaks

Air leaks are a common reason for poor energy efficiency. There are several ways to identify leaks in your home’s envelope. Two standard methods are observation methods. Method one involves removing the electrical outlets, one on each outer wall. With a flashlight, look at the inside of the wall behind the outlet to determine the amount of insulation. The second method should take place after dark and with a partner. With one partner inside and the other outside, shine a flashlight in potential gaps of the home. If the outside partner can see the light shining through there is most likely a leak in that area.

2. Window and Door Trim Sealing

Having properly sealed windows and properly sealed trim surrounding each door is important. If either of these are lacking or faulty, it could seriously affect your home’s power bill. Cooled or heated air can often escape through areas around windows and doors. These leaky areas tend to be invisible to the naked eye. This DIY requires confidence to tackle. The most common reason these areas leak air is due to leaks in the home’s envelope. Specifically in the areas covered by the door or window trim. This DIY project requires carefully removing the trim. Then, filling any leaks with fiberglass insulation or caulk.

3. Attic Sealing

Most homes in the U.S. lack proper insulation, resulting in common air leaks. An air leak in both old and new homes can equal the air loss of leaving a window open every day all year. For those with asthma and allergies, these air leaks will cause worsening problems. Pet dander, pollen, dust, and other allergens flow freely into your indoor air space from air leaks.

Identifying a leaky attic can be simple when you use this top 3 checklist. This checklist includes the top 3 common identifiers of a leaky attic.

1) You have a room(s) that are often drafty.

2) There is an uneven temperature distribution between the rooms of your home.

3) You have a high electrical bill despite conservative practices.

If any or all these identifiers are true for your home or attic, sealing or duct repair may be a solution for you. If your attic is easy to maneuver in try to add insulation and caulk any gaps yourself. Or you can avoid the hassle and
have the licensed HVAC professionals from Chill Squad take care of it for you.

When it comes to ductwork, we recommend only using a licensed professional. Due to the complexity of your HVAC, DIY attempts could leave you in a worse situation than when you began. Chill Squad handles the installation and inspection of ductwork for leaks and flaws. We specialize in ductwork repair and replacement in Fort Myers and throughout SWFL. Utilizing these energy-saving techniques will help you significantly decrease your utility bills!

4. Apply Plastic to Windows

We love to keep our homes cool and fresh as the heat begins to rise in Southwest Florida. If bills are high and your house is hot and humid, first confirm that your HVAC is in perfect working condition. If your HVAC checks out, there is a good chance your windows are to blame. If your windows rattle, show gaps, or if your AC is always on, this is a sign your windows are leaking air to the outside. If you see condensation on the windows, it means the windows seals have popped and you need to replace them. If you don’t have the time or money to replace your windows, here is an easy way to fix these common window problems!

Buy plastic wrap for windows at the local hardware store. Do not buy plastic cling wrap for kitchen use! Only plastic wrap identified for use on windows is safe or helpful. To apply this film, cut the plastic to size, clean your window, and use a hair dryer to tighten the film onto the window. This temporary fix will help keep your bills down and your cold air up.

For any cooling and purified air needs in the Southwest Florida area, Chill Squad is here for you. We help fill your home with clean, purified cold air that will make your indoor living easy. If you should need a new unit or help with any other cooling needs, give us a call to learn more about our services! Contact us today!

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Published: March 17, 2020
Author: Chill Squad Author